Natalie Beridze

Composer & Songwriter

8:00pm – 8:30pm

The Pioneering Local

A Georgian composer and songwriter, Natalie Beridze has been performing live concerts worldwide since 2004 and is the first female electronic music artist in her country. Beridze has released music in Europe on Max.E, Monika Enterprise, CMYK, Laboratory Instinct, and Chainmusic. In addition to her solo projects, she has collaborated with such artists as Thomas Brinkmann, AGF (Antye Greie), Gudrun Gut, Joerg Follert, Marcus Schmickler, Nika Machaidze aka Nikakoi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Gacha Bakradze, and Alex Kordzaia. Along with her contribution to Georgian electronic music and songwriting, Beridze composes for acoustic instruments, orchestra, and choir.
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