Siradej Donavanik

Managing Director at Asai Holdings Co.

& Founder of Wonderfruit

3:10pm – 3:40pm

Local, Vibrant, Authentic

As Managing Director of Asai Holdings Co., Ltd., Siradej Donavanik is a driving force behind Dusit International, leveraging the company’s 70 years of hospitality know-how into ASAI Hotels, an affordable lifestyle brand designed to link curious, millennial-minded travelers to authentic local experiences in cities and resort destinations worldwide. With a strong focus on community and sustainable practices, ASAI Hotels is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dusit International. Donavanik is also Vice President of Development and Projects—Dusit International, responsible for developing new hotel projects; and Managing Director of Dusit Hospitality Education, overseeing the division’s strategic expansion and business development regionally. In addition to his work with Dusit International, Donavanik helped start and is currently acting as Director of Wonderfruit, a leading immersive festival celebrating social responsibility, sustainability, and the arts.
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