Design Hotels™ Arena* 2017


September 20–22, 2017



Lisbon, Portugal


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Lisbon offers an enticing mix of history, culture, and a glorious cityscape featuring wide boulevards, river views, and Moorish alleys bathed in a comfortable Mediterranean climate. Traditional yet modern, this future-oriented European capital, with its creative new born-from-crisis vibrancy, builds the right context for this year’s Arena*, Focus Filter: The Age of Re-Engagement. Inspired by our friends at leading foresight and consumer behavior consultancy The Future Laboratory, the latest edition of our annual members conference takes on the need to connect, engage and interact more deeply.

Especially in our age of digital distraction when the human capacity for concentration is being significantly challenged, brands must endeavor to cultivate in-depth focus in order to stand out. With a panel of experts and speakers from various industries, we will explore the benefits, challenges and opportunities currently facing the hospitality sector and discuss meaningful ways we can re-focus on what’s relevant to us. In addition to exciting presentations and panels, there will be multiple casual gatherings and opportunities to meet and share ideas with like-minded hoteliers from across the world.

Design Hotels™ looks forward to welcoming you in Lisbon!

Speakers at Arena* 2017

This year’s inspiring panel of experts and speakers will explore the benefits of connecting, engaging, and interacting in a deeper more effective manner, one that comes from filtering out the extraneous and focusing on what is relevant.

On the Attribute of a Good City

„Portugal is becoming young again“

Despite being one of the oldest countries in Europe, Portugal, as its president recently noted, “is becoming young again.” This visually stunning Old World destination is driven today by a creative spirit of rebirth and reinvention that is transforming its cultural landscape. The forward-looking government now prioritizes entrepreneurship and supports the start-up field, and Portugal today is multicultural, tolerant, and thinking globally, which enables it to build bridges where others build walls.


The statistics may still suggest an indebted economy facing austerity measures, but look beyond the financial reports and you’ll discover a thriving business environment led by innovation, small businesses, and a new cosmopolitan generation. According to Monocle’s recent Portugal Survey publication: “Portugal hasn’t found oil. It found itself!”





Be sure to plan your travel now, as September is a very busy time for Lisbon. Unfortunately, the special Arena* rates offered by our member hotels are already sold out!

Memmo Alfama


Experience old-world Lisbon in an 1800s neighborhood with unmatched views of the city and Tagus River.
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Arena* rate no longer available.

Memmo príncipe real


Set right in Lisbon’s trendiest neighborhood amid gardens, tranquil squares, and a vibrant social scene.
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Arena* rate no longer available.

Altis Belém Hotel & spa


A gateway to old and new Lisbon, the Altis Belém offers an enchanting mix of exotic journeys and cuisines.
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Arena* rate no longer available.

Recap of Arena* 2016 in Barcelona

Last year’s Arena* in Barcelona—“Come Together: The New Culture of Collaboration“—was the most well-attended conference in our history, with more than 221 hoteliers and representatives from 171 member hotels as well as potential new members joining. Presenting an inspiring panel of experts and speakers from various industries, Design Hotels™ explored the benefits of collaboration and community endeavors in business today. Have a look at our video to hear behind-the-scene thoughts of our hoteliers and speakers.
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September 20, 7:30pm – midnight

Welcome Cocktail
at Memmo Príncipe Real

Set in the heart of Lisbon’s trendiest neighborhood, Memmo Príncipe Real captures the city’s grand history and its surging new vitality through a contemporary style. Add to this a stunning city view from the hotel’s terrace and you have the perfect spot to kick off this year’s Arena*.


September 21, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Conference Day I
at Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

Day one of our get-together will take place at Teatro Nacional de São Carlos. One of Lisbon’s most impressive structures and a living historical treasure, this landmark, serves as Portugal’s premier opera house. It’s also as dazzling an introduction to a city as one could hope to get.


September 21, 7:30pm – 3:00am

Dinner & Party
at Bica do Sapato

With actors/restaurant owners John Malkovich and Catherine Deneuve setting a stage overlooking the Tagus River, Arena* attendees will gather here for what is sure to be a memorable night of impressive views, authentic food, and a boisterous party.



September 22, 9:30am – 4:00pm (at the latest)

Conference Day II
at Museu Nacional dos Coches

Located in the Belém neighborhood, the Museu Nacional dos Coches exemplifies Italian neoclassical design that was created by acclaimed Brazilian architect and 2006 Pritzker-Prize-winner Paulo Mendes Da Rocha. Here, in a new ultramodern space, Arena* attendees will get an up-to-the-minute look at modern-day hospitality.