New Horizons: Engaging the Future Traveler


September 25–27, 2019



Tbilisi, Georgia


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Purpose has become the catch-cry of future-faced travelers and hospitality brands alike as the travel sector increasingly takes on all things impactful and mission-driven. This means embracing new technologies, innovations, and modes of disruption at a time when “big issue” topics are being hotly debated: climate change, over-tourism, jet-flight restriction, racial diversity, gender equality, and how to engage with a new generation of travelers who demand that brands be purposeful, civic, and culturally fluent.
For this year’s Arena*, taking place in the ascendant Georgian capital of Tbilisi, Design Hotels will look towards New Horizons, asking ourselves as we approach the third decade of the 21st century how we can capture the imagination of the purpose-driven traveler of the future. We will discuss the “New Promadic Traveler,” a pan-generational, conceptually driven consumer who is looking for purposeful and mission-driven travel. What will they expect from the brands of tomorrow—in hospitality and beyond? How can we provide “big issue” moments in ways that still keep fun at the core of the hospitality experience? With an eye to 2030, we will suss out the long-term prospects, challenges, and opportunities within the travel sector. What are the big picture trends impacting our industry, guests, societies—our world?

Throughout the conference, presentations and talks will look at the innovators and market disruptions that are inspiring change, revolutionizing industry models, and delivering thought-provoking ideas in the worlds of service, food and drink, wellbeing, and technology. This year our second conference day, in collaboration with our friends at The Future Laboratory, will engage our audience to co-create ideas and opportunities for the future of hospitality through strategic workshops sessions that assess more particular impacts and tactical applications, while immersive spaces will help us experience insights, and additional speakers, performers, and guests will entertain, challenge, and inform.


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Bringing old and new Georgia together in the intellectual and cultural district of Vera, Rooms Hotel Tbilisi represents the Georgian capital’s exciting new wave of young designers.


From USD 200 / per night


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Stamba tbilisi


Embodying the zeitgeist of contemporary Tbilisi, Stamba Hotel is a living, breathing reflection of the city’s growing global significance and refined dynamism.


From USD 300 / per night


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Housed in a former soviet sewing factory in the old historic part of Tbilisi, Fabrika Tbilisi serves as a creative hub and is home to the city’s vibrant local art scene and community.


From USD 90 / per night


For reservations, please reach out directly to Ana Mumladze using the code ARENAGUEST.


In case some of the properties are already booked out, please note that more rooms might become available in the coming days. Send a message to the Design Hotels Reservation Team to join a waiting list. They will also be happy to help in case you have questions or need assistance.


Arena* 2018 in Copenhagen

Last year’s Arena* in Copenhagen was the most well-attended in our history, with more than 260 hoteliers and representatives from around 200 member hotels as well as potential new members. Presenting an inspiring panel of experts and speakers from various industries, Design Hotels™ delved into the topic of “Silent Knowledge”– intelligence that sings in silence in a sea of noise and data to be cultivated and mined.



September 25, 2019

Welcome Cocktail at

A dramatic eatery located in a stunning 19th-century building, Lolita is home to an open kitchen, a beautiful garden, great cocktails, and local dining enthusiasts who bring to mind the cultural figures who visited this very site more than a hundred years ago.


September 26, 2019

Conference Day I at the
Tbilisi Opera House

Set in an exotic neo-Moorish edifice and lushly adorned, the famed Tbilisi Opera House is a one-of-a-kind showpiece of ornate ceilings, Georgian artwork, massive chandeliers, regal boxes, and the creative thinkers who flock to it.

September 27, 2019

Conference Day II at
Stamba Tbilisi

Chockablock with nostalgic references to the 1930s and with on-the-pulse Georgians who come to discuss art, politics, and life in this transforming capital, Stamba Hotel embodies both its industrial past as a Soviet-era publishing house and the zeitgeist of contemporary Tbilisi.