Samantha Clarke

Happiness & Change Coach

9:30am – 10:00am

Employ Inner Joy

A faculty lecturer at the School of Life and The Guardian, Samantha Clarke facilitates workshops on discovering your career potential, building your portfolio, achieving authentic leadership, and managing stress. She is on a mission to help individuals find growth and happiness at work, while also empowering leaders and managers to create holistic environments that support their employees. By providing one-of-a-kind training and by consulting on mental health and wellbeing strategies, Clarke has achieved big results with Dishoom, Shopify, Innocent, Nespresso, Mediacom, Deutsche Telekom, and many other clients. She has been featured in Monocle’s Forecast happiness edition, BBC Global News, BBC Radio 4, Momondo’s latest project, Psychologies, Forbes, and The Times. Her first book, “Love it or Leave it: How to be happy at work” will be available in March 2020.


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