9:30pm – 11:00pm

Harmonic Convergence

Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and DJ M.RUX is something of a contradiction: Slowly grinding in sweaty ecstasy while also observing you from a distance, tapping one foot gently. The same goes for the construction of his music. Deceptively simple upon first listen, each track builds into a complex concoction of soul samples, melodies, beats, and varied sounds and rhythms. Handclaps and wooden percussion intertwine with dub-heavy bass beats. Banjos and harmonicas alternate with city sounds from a gritty metropolis. Blurry voices and distant murmurs interact with chime-like chords. Doctor John jams along with Kode9. Hyperdub acts as a tripping backing band for the Chain Gang. Carefully utilized samples, acoustic field recordings, bells, and percussion all nestle up against rolling beats and synthesizer loops. M.RUX brings together his favorite findings in music history with what he predicts to be music’s future, paying respect to both and establishing a new sound in the process.


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