Martin Raymond & Chris Sanderson


The Future Laboratory

26 & 27

Living in the Future

In more than one way, The Future Laboratory is ahead of the game when it comes to trend forecasting. Not only is the London-based company leading the industry, but it’s also helping to shape countless others by conducting deep research in a number of fields and sharing its findings with those who hear them speak. Co-founders Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson realized that thoughtful analysis on the shapeshifting needs of the global consumer is an invaluable tool for businesses, governments, and citizens to respond to those needs effectively. Martin Raymond is editor-in-chief of LS:N Global, The Future Laboratory’s online trend and strategic foresight portal. A regular contributor to the BBC, Channel 4 and Radio 4, he is also author of CrEATe, The Tomorrow People: Future Consumers and How to Understand Them, and The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook, the latest edition of which was published this year with updated sections on foresight, scenario planning and innovation strategy. Chris also takes a leading role in the LS:N Global Trend Briefings, media events, and conferences, with names such as LVMH, Google, BFC, UBA, Pernod Ricard, Love Travel, QIC, and Mecca on the growing list of people he’s influenced.

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