Cellist & Composer

6:30pm – 6:45pm

Sonic Stories

A Berlin-based Australian musician, composer, and electronic music producer, Lihla works as a composer with a large palette that shifts between cinematic, modern classical, and electronica, mixing genres and unusual instrumentations to create a dynamic yet very human and touching soundtrack. She has always considered music to be her safe space, a place abstracted from physical reality where we can all explore, journey, and heal. A classically-trained cellist and pianist from the age of six, Lihla is particularly sought after in the circus, dance, and theater worlds due to her understanding of the collaborative elements in physical movement, imagery, and dramaturgy. As a performer, she combines intricately shifting textures and cinematic orchestration with electronic beats, soundscapes, and vocal textures, sometimes including elements of storytelling or spoken word. Lihla is widely ought after for her Loop station cello compositions, which use electronic equipment to create chamber music compositions that explore of the full vocal and percussive range of the cello.

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